“Flowers are the expression of God’s love to man…” – An Examination of Flowers by Joseph Beck

“Flowers are the expression of God’s love to man. One of the highest uses, therefore, which can be made in contemplating these beautiful creations, in all their variety and splendor, is that our thoughts and affections may be drawn upwards to Him who has so bountifully spread over the face of the whole earth such a vast profusion of these beautiful objects as tokens of His love to us. The more we examine flowers, especially why the eye is assisted by the microscope, the more we must adore the matchless skill of the Great Supreme. We must be ungrateful indeed not to acknowledge His unspeakable goodness in thus providing so liberally for the happiness and pleasure of His children here below.”

– Joseph Beck



I copied this quote from a collection of poems, quotes, and essays on the beauty and restorative properties of a garden, which you can read more about here.

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